Hello and welcome to the Ferry News: a place to find digital copies of our community newsletter, featuring articles, updates and interesting information about our wee village of Creetown.

creetown panoramic

The beautiful village of Creetown is situated at the foot of the Galloway Forest Park, on the banks of the river Cree in Dumfries and Galloway, south west Scotland. In the 1600s Creetown was known as the ‘Ferrytoon O’ Cree’, as boats used to pass across the river between Creetown and Wigtown on the other side of the bay.

A local newsletter was produced during WWII by local community members and was sent to each man and woman from Kirkmabreck parish serving in the war. It was called the Ferry News Letter, issued quarterly and was reinstated by Creetown Initiative in 2007 to continue to communicate local news to community members. For more information about Creetown Initiative, please click here, or visit Creetown Initiative’s website.

Creetown Initiative is the driving force behind the Ferry News Letter. It provides a means of keeping residents informed about the projects being developed in the village and is also a platform for other groups to tell people about their activities. Please go to Newsletters to see back issues of the Ferry News.